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Bob Prosen, Author

Other business books try to tell you how to run your business better, faster, and for a greater profit. Bob Prosen gives you step-by-step directions to make it happen. Kiss Theory Good Bye replaces management theory with battle proven tools and tactics to rapidly increase performance, productivity and profits in any organization. Forget the platitudes and feel-good anecdotes from a few CEOs and business gurus. Kiss Theory Good Bye gets to the point – the how-to details that can actually help leaders get the results they need in the companies they run. Direct and straightforward, this no non-sense playbook cuts like a laser through the fog of political correctness and business-as-usual giving leaders what they want most – less talk, more results. Kiss Theory Good Bye shows you how to achieve immediate and lasting results in leadership, sales effectiveness, operational excellence, financial management, and customer loyalty.

Whether you’re a new manager or a seasoned leader, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a board member for a local not for profit, Kiss Theory Good Bye is the definitive source on execution and your personal roadmap to ever-increasing success.
Business leaders need less talk and more action! We must achieve excellent results faster, more consistently, less expensively, and without the hassles that make our jobs tedious.
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Why You and Your Organization Need This Book

What are your top three objectives and how do you know you’re achieving them? This may seem like a simple question, but I usually get vague generalities when leaders respond to it.
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Chapter One:
Superior Leadership: The Relentless Pursuitof Vision and Results

Superior leaders develop the vision and have the courage to make decisions. They must be entrepreneurial, know what’s essential, take risks, and encourage others to do the same.
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Chapter Two:
Sales Effectiveness: Your Company’s Lifeline
Profitable revenue is the lifeblood of a company and can solve many challenges. Therefore, devote significant resources to ensuring your company develops realistic forecasts and consistently meets its sales plan.
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Chapter Seven:
Bridging the Gap

The true measure of a business’s success is its ability to understand this mantra, and as a consequence, continuously meet or exceed its profitability objectives.
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Chapter Eight:
Be Your Competitors’ Worst Fear

Your competitors’ biggest fear isn’t so much your bright ideas but your ability to turn those ideas into bottom-line results. That requires an accountability-based culture relentlessly focused on achieving clear goals.
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Chapter Nine:
The Critical Path to Getting Things Done
All leaders and all companies talk about the importance of communication. So why do so many compansies struggle to do it well? If you have any doubt, just ask your employees.
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Chapter Eleven:
Maintain the Gain

Remain on course. Whether you’re already in the winner’s circle, on your way to profitability, or still struggling along the way, this chapter unites everything we’ve covered into a powerful model for sustaining and accelerating high-performance results and profitability.
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