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Bob Prosen, Author
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There's a lot to this book, and Prosen's affirmative attitude permeates the text. His sincere enthusiasm for doing things the right way to achieve optimum success is energizing and inspirational without being trite or corny.
Mr. Prosen provides more than clues. He provides a battle plan that’s focused on planning, achievable targets and execution.
— JIM PAWLAK, The Dallas Morning News (full review)
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Most management/leadership books I read are confusingly complex and deliver no actionable information. Bob's book is the exception. It lays out a nuts-and-bolts map for successful execution in any business.
— KEN MAY, President and Chief Executive Officer, FedEx Kinko's
If any one of the five attributes is missing, you'll never reach peak performance— no matter what business you're in.
— MAURA DONAHUE , Chairman, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Robert's ideas are expressed clearly and with vigor; his style is lively and provocative. He encourages executives to be both passionate and practical in their pursuit of extraordinary results. Everyone should be able to learn from Prosen's book regardless of the level or stage of business career.
  — DAN T. CATHY, President and Chief Operating Officer, Chick-fil-A, Inc.
Bob's book provides an excellent framework for increasing organizational and personal performance. Best of all, this book is down to earth and focused on operation and execution. Kiss Theory Good Bye is a practical, insightful way to get results.
— PETER ALTABEF , President and CEO, Perot Systems
Will Rogers once said, 'Nothing is more common than a good idea and nothing less common than a good idea carried out.' In a hard-charging and confident manner Bob Prosen attacks head-on the problem that is at the core of so many companies' and organizations' lack of success, the glaring gap between planning and achieving the plan, and provides a crystal-clear road map to eliminating that gap.
— GARRETT BOONE, Chairman, The Container Store
I really enjoy Bob's straight talk. His ability to cut to the chase and focus on the significant few versus the important many is right on target. This book sets the standard for getting things done!
— JAMES PINCKNEY, General Manager, Microsoft Corporation
Tons of wisdom! A must-read for any executive— especially those ready to take their company to the next level. Whether you're in packaged goods or capital goods, Kiss Theory Good Bye provides actions that will increase your company's profitability.
— JOHN SIGNORINO, CEO and President, Chicken of the Sea International
Insightful. Prosen captures the essence of execution. Kiss Theory Good Bye helps you find the right way to engage and energize your organization for measurable results. His approach made such an impact on me I hired him to train my management team.
— JOHN THOMPSON, President, Crossmark
This work is truly a gift to leaders everywhere. I had the feeling I was steal­ing secrets from someone as I took notes and highlighted the many nuggets of wisdom Prosen has given us. Prosen's perceptions of what makes quality leaders and how to attain operational excellence is some of the clearest and most motivational material I have read.
— PATRICK F. QUINN, Executive Director of Operations, Saint Paul Public Schools
Kiss Theory Good Bye cuts through the mountain of theory and politics that bog down organizations and gives leaders simple and easy to use tools that immediately improve execution.
— Dennis Maple, Executive Vice President, ARAMARK
There have been many books on business leadership. However, Prosen takes the intangible and dissects it into a very precise recipe for success. I really enjoyed the comprehensive and no-nonsense approach and, in fact, think it would make a great MBA text.
— PETER THONIS, Senior Vice President, Verizon
I must be nuts recommending Bob's darn book. If more executives were to follow and actually execute on his straightforward 'how-to' performance recommendations, guys like me would have fewer troubled companies to help lead out of the financial and operational swamps. His book is definitely unfair to turnaround folks.
--SAM COATS, President & CEO, SI Restructuring, Inc.
This is the definitive how-to book on business execution. A must-read for all experienced as well as new leaders and managers.
Refreshingly straightforward . . . No theory here. Instead, Bob Prosen provides the playbook for getting consistent results all the time.
--KA COTTER, Vice Chairman, The Staubach Company
Finally a book that decodes exactly what organizations must do to produce great results. All employees will benefit greatly from Bob's experience.
--DEEDRA YARBROUGH, VP of Organizational and Employee Development, Sabre Holdings
Direct and to the point; Bob has done an excellent job pulling together all the essential components of execution into one place. I kept wishing I had access to this information years ago.
--AL LYNCH, Retired President and CEO, JC Penney International
Companies are always looking for ways to outperform the competition. Bob shows you how to identify and focus your entire organization on what matters most--results!
--GARY M. DIXON, Partner, Human Capital, Ernst & Young LLP
If you demand superior results, this is the real thing. Mr. Prosen cracks the code and gives us exactly what we want: step-by-step instructions on how to achieve results that count. Do yourself a favor. Buy it.
--WALTER JONES, Group Technology Executive, Wells Fargo Bank
Bob, you have a winner! I like the elegant simplicity and unique focus on how to achieve sustained profitability.
--MARK LANEY, President, Cook Children's Physician Network